From the bride: Tenerife has always been our happy place. It was where Lewis proposed. We have been together 11 years exactly on the day we got married 17/07/2019. True childhood sweethearts. 

Preparation for Ashley&Lewis’s wedding took almost 1 year and it’s worth that, when the location was chosen, the team started working on every detail the bride and groom desired on their important day.

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Ashley, her mom and bridesmaids got ready in one of the private hotel suits right by the ceremony location. Her father came to meet her and walk down the aisle, it was the first time he’ve seen his daughter in her wedding dress, was such a touching moment. 

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Wedding ceremony took place in one of the most romantic and scenic venues in the south of Tenerife with the spectacular panoramic ocean view. After the ceremony and greetings, couple enjoyed their cocktails, while chatting with their guests. The dinner was set up in the closed area by the pool, the late wedding party continued in the indoor hotel club.

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